The Institute of Precision Mechanics is a publisher of scientific monographs and the “Inżynieria Powierzchni” [Surface Engineering] journal. The most frequent topics discussed in our publications include: methods of refining and improving the surfaces of products, machine parts and tools, new methods and technologies for the production of coating materials and researches of metallic, composite and ceramic materials, biomaterials and recovered/recycled materials.

The “Inżynieria Powierzchni” quarterly is a scientific and technical journal published incessantly since 1996. Authors of the publications include Polish and foreign scientists. The journal discusses issues concerning the following: heat treatment and thermo-chemical treatment, PVD and CVD coating technologies, surface-finishing treatment, electrochemical treatment, erosive treatment, protective coating technologies, corrosion, galvanic technologies, biomedical engineering and recycling, armament technologies, rapid prototyping and laser technologies.

In the past, the IMP issued several quarterlies, which became the foundation for the currently published “Inżynieria Powierzchni”. These publications were very popular with the scientific community and the industry. They included, in particular, the following:

  • “Powłoki Ochronne” [Protective Coatings] (1973–1994) – the topics discussed there included, in particular, surface preparation for galvanic protective coatings, paint coatings and powder coatings as well as temporary protection and investigations of corrosion.
  • “Metaloznawstwo i Obróbka Cieplna” [Metallography and Heat Treatment] (1973–1986) – this journal primarily concerned the physics of metals, methods and devices for tests of heat treatment and thermo-chemical treatment of metals and equipment used for such treatment. This journal was transformed into: “Metaloznawstwo. Obróbka Cieplna. Inżynieria Powierzchni” [Metallography. Heat Treatment. Surface Engineering], which was published in the 1987–1994 period.

The publications of IMP also include scientific monographs that present the accomplishments of the employees and associates of the Institute as well as materials from training and seminars organised by the IMP.